Joe & Jon: Vibrant & Adorable Fall Chicago Engagement Session

Joe & Jon were just a dream couple to shoot. From the second they suggested going out to the always incredible Waterfall Glenn Forest Preserve, I knew we’d hit it off! We met up at a parking lot and began to hike around, stopping wherever we found photographable locations- which basically meant I was stopping them every 10 feet. How could I not!? This area is just the best place to shoot in really anytime of year, but in fall it’s pretty unreal how beautiful it is. Plus, these two were just so cute and natural together, and also very adventurous (like when they volunteered to climb onto the waterfall!), so it made it even harder not to just constantly keep the camera glued to my face the whole hike. They also had a really cool idea for when they got engaged- they exchanged watches! I just loved that idea 🙂 We had a great time chatting about their relationship, wedding plans, and about how much we all love Corgis! One things I’ll also always remember too is that this was right before Halloween, and they were going as Mermaid Man & Barnacle boy, which to someone who grew up watching Spongebob every day, was pretty much the coolest costume idea ever 😉 Thanks for being so awesome you two!! Scroll down to the the wonderfullness 🙂


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