Alexia & Matt: Cuddly & Woodsy Chicago Engagement Session

I had been trying all year to get someone to want to shoot at my favorite hidden spot in Rodgers Park, but no luck. But then came along Alexia & Matt, and they were finally into the idea! I have to admit, it does seem kind of weird to meet at this random park by a bunch of old buildings, a busy street and a cemetery, but it seriously is one of the best places to take photos ever, especially if you want a forest look but want to stay in the city. So we met up here on a beautiful late fall day, and spent the evening taking so many fun photos- they are just too cute and perfect together! I’ll never get tired of photographing a couple like them who can truly make each other crack up one minute, and then gush about how much they love each other the next 🙂 Plus they killed it with their outfit choices, such perfect looks for this kind of setting. Another reason I love just a simple forest setting, is that while it is stunning, there aren’t many distractions in the background, so a couple can just completely focus on each other, and I can bring out all the candid emotion that comes along with that, which is what happened here! So take a peek at all the love, and let me know if you ever want to shoot at my favorite little forest too 😉



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