Stormy Beach Trash the Dress Session

A few years ago, my friend Emily was given a wedding dress her landlord found in an apartment after someone moved out, and ever since we’d been wanting to do a trash the dress session, but never really found the time. Last week we went up north in Michigan with a group of friends for a vacation, and figured this was the perfect time to finally do it! The place we were staying had a private beach surrounded by a forest (ooh-la-la right??) so one evening while the guys were watching a movie, we styled up the dress and went for it. It was kind of a stormy day, but luckily that worked pretty well in our favor- it totally felt like we were in some kind of old-time romantic novel, and I loved it. I went a bit more dark and moody than my usual style, but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing to spark some creativity. If you’ve seen some of my other personal work, you might recognize Emily because she’s always the first to offer to be covered with glitter, splattered with paint, or in this case, jump in the lake with a huge wedding dress on, and I’ll forever appreciate her awesome dedication to getting the perfect shot 🙂 Especially when we get home covered in water and sand and have to be handed towels through a window and change outside so we don’t track it through the house haha. We definitely had a lot of fun getting in the water, so I included a couple of the outtakes here too. Scroll along to see our full adventure!



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