Sarah Seven: Dreamy San Francisco Gown Editorial

Getting to do this shoot was simply a dream! My boyfriend and I were heading to San Francisco for the week in early December: him for a work conference and me for a shoot and to see my family who live in the area. As we got closer and closer to the date, I figured “hey, why not try to do a styled shoot while were there too?”, so I put out a model call. I ended up hearing back from the stunning Kristen of Slice of Vice saying she’d be interested in shooting with me, and I was thrilled! This was two days before we’d be in San Francisco, so originally we were going to just do a lifestyle session for her blog. But on a whim I figured I’d reach out to some dress designers and florists- just in case! I heard back from some people, nothing too crazy, but then, I got a really exciting email. It was from the marketing department of the incredible dress designer Sarah Seven– They had a new line coming out and in exchange for the photos, they would overnight me dresses from New York to shoot! I got to see this new line, choose from the dresses, and they ended up arriving one hour before we were set to shoot (which made for an incredibly nail biting day!). While they were in transit I heard back from the talented Ricci at Rust & Flourish who said she could make a bouquet and greenery crown in a day and deliver them- how amazing is she!?

When the day came, we all met up on a stunning, surprisingly sunny day at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, and did our thing. We had a blast wandering around this beautiful area- chatting, collaborating, gushing over the peonies in the bouquet and the unbelievable dresses, and adventuring. At the end of the day, Kristen had a super cute dress she brought that she wanted to get some quick snaps in as well, and I’m so glad she did! It was basically nighttime at that point, and it made me remember how much fun experimenting with light and movement and color can be- inspiration that will definitely carry over into my normal wedding work for sure!

All in all, I STILL can’t believe this all worked out and came together in literally two days. We couldn’t stop talking about how amazed we were throughout the whole shoot. It was so much fun to put something like this together, and to work with and meet such amazing creative people from a different part of the country. I hope I get to do it again someday 🙂



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