Modern Disco Dancer Bride: Styled Shoot

Introducing… My first styled shoot! I got the idea for this shoot in a dream (literally- I dreamed of a dancer in a white jumpsuit jumping against a white wall, so pretty darn close!) and I woke up, wrote it down, and with some help, made it happen! It was so much fun seeing it become a reality. Since it was my first styled shoot, I decided to keep it small and do it as basically a bridal session. My model is my beautiful friend Cristina, who actually is a modern dancer (and who should be a model, am I right!?). We met way back in our freshmen year at Columbia, and she was the perfect fit for my vision. Make-up & hair were done by my incredibly talented former boss, Gabi (check her out here, or go visit her at Lena Rose for some pampering 🙂 )! And then of course, these stunning florals were thanks to the wonderful May Floral.

As with most of my shoots with friends growing up, the vague idea I had took on a life of it’s own- once we saw everything together, we couldn’t help but get some sort of “modern disco” vibe- probably thanks in part to that amazing pantsuit from Rent the Runway, and to getting a little experimental with make-up (how awesome are those blue eyelashes Gabi thought to use!?). But it all came together better than I could have wanted for something put together from a dream. Scroll on to see it all, plus some guest appearances from Miss Pepperoni, who can’t not take center stage whenever I use my apartment for a shoot 😉



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