Kana & Larkin: Colorful Chicago West Loop Engagement

When I was in the planning stages of this session with Kana & Larkin, Kana had one question for me: “Is it okay if I wear a traditional kimono for part of the shoot?” My answer? Uh, YES! I was so excited to get to shoot such a beautiful item of clothing, especially since it held such a significant meaning to them as well. And when they showed up at the Adler Planetarium, Larkin in his sharp suit & Kana in her drop-dead gorgeous kimono, I was not disappointed!

Unfortunately though, the shoot got off to kind of a rough start! There was an event happening in the area, and there was no way we could park to get the shots we wanted (regardless of how much I begged the police in the area to let me park for just a few minutes haha). Luckily, Kana’s mom was with us to help with the kimono, and so she was amazing and guarded my car from getting towed as we took a couple quick skyline shots. Then came the next issue- where do we go now?? Part of my job is thinking on my feet, so we drove around downtown until we saw the perfect park, and voila! Perfect new location to finish up the first half of the shoot 🙂 Then they went home to change into something a little more comfortable, and we finished up in the super adorable West Loop neighborhood. I really loved getting to do something formal and casual for the shoot! It always makes for a good variety of photos. Kana and Larkin are just such a fun couple- they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at each other the whole time. Their wedding is this February and I can’t wait! It’s going to be the best 🙂



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