Jessica & Matt: Snowy Mountain Oregon Wedding

So, one of my photography business related New Years resolutions was to write less on my blog and worry about what I do write even less- I’m not a writer! I should just let me photos do the talking, right?? But, as I sit here thinking about Jessica & Matt’s wedding, I know I’m going to break my new rule already… On my first blog of the year… Oops. I’m still going to try to keep it short & sweet, so here we go!

Long story short, Jessica & I were BFFS in elementary schools, but parted ways when we went to different middle schools. Cut to last year when I was looking to re-do my logo- she reached out and eventually we worked out a trade where she’d do my logo and some copy work for me, and in exchange, I’d get to shoot her wedding. In Oregon. In the snow. On a mountain. Which, if you know me, you know how incredibly excited I was for this, as it was basically a combination of all of my favorite things ever. She eventually created the masterpiece that is my new logo (that I’m still so so obsessed with! Check out her company by the way, she’s crazy talented!!) and a few months later, I was on a plane to Bend, Oregon.

Unfortunately, it was unseasonably warm this year so we didn’t get all the snow we were hoping for, but it was still a perfect day! We started with getting ready at her parents house (where I was greeted by all their animals & was in total heaven), then we drove to the base of Mt. Bachelor for the chilly but beautiful ceremony officiated by Jessica’s brother (and where it did actually snow for a bit during it!). It was such a meaningful, heartfelt ceremony- I was pretty much in tears with everyone else! Afterwards they did a beer toast (because they’re beer nerds too, another thing we have in common!) but unfortunately the beer was pretty shaken up, so they just got a cup full of foam, hence some funny faces in the photos haha 😉 Then Jessica & Matt let me take a billion photos of them around the mountain, and we had a blast chatting and doing silly things to keep warm. Finally, we met up with the rest of the crew and did some bar hoping at a couple of their favorite local bars.

Overall, the day was filled with so much love and joy and beauty… It was even better than I could have hoped for. It was so amazing to see the love these two share- they were so overjoyed to start their married lives together, I could practically feel it radiating off of them! And the fact that they made their day so uniquely them- from the beer toast, to the mountain side ceremony, Jessica’s stunning hand-made invites, to all the little Star Wars & Christmas details (two of their favorite things), it made it all the more special to be a part of. Congratulations again you two! 🙂

PS: Yes, I did an awful job of keeping this short and sweet, sorry-ish 😉



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