Danyelle & Chris: Romantic & Playful Chicago Engagement

From the start I knew this would be a great match-up, Danyelle having such a cool name and everything 😉 In all seriousness though, these two are the best! We first met up at the delicious Chicago Bagel Authority to chat about their wedding, and after they described their sure to be perfect day, I knew I had to be a part of it! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and we met at Ping Tom Park on what was supposed to be a stormy afternoon. As soon as we arrived, the sun came out- it was meant to be! So we wandered the park stopping to see crazy amazing views of the city, down to the rivers edge, and nestled their hammock into the beauty of weeping willow trees (my favorite!). They had recently bought joke t-shirts and decided it would be fun to wear those and be a little goofy at the end of the session. I seriously can’t wait until their wedding in September! Time to scroll down and see all the romance, and silliness 🙂



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